The James Joyce Irish Pub

Lunch menu

24.8. – 28.8.




Creamy fish soup 39,-

Beef in red wine with mash and root vegetables  145,-

Sausage sandwich with onion served with chips and side salad  145,-

Roasted pepper salad with balsamic vinaigrette 119,-




Sweet corn creamy soup with coconut milk     39,-

BBQ pork ribs served with Coleslaw salad and roasted potatoes 145,-

Thai red chicken curry, jasmine rice  145,-

Mozzarella and tomato salad with basil 119,-




Beef broth with liver dumplings 39,-

Fried cauliflower with potatoes and tartar sauce 145,-

Chicken sandwich with guacamole, coriander and nachos 145,-

Salad with chickpeas and sundried tomato pesto  119,-




Creamy leek and herb soup  39,-

„Svíčková“ served with carlsberg and bread dumplings 145,-

Chicken and baby spinach pasta topped with parmesan cheese 145,-

Salad with fried camembert cheese and cranberry dressing 119,-




Cream of vegetables  39,-

Fried chicken burger with sweet chilli mayo, cucumber and radish, chips 165,-

Grilled pork livers served with mash and gravy 145,-

Salad with blue cheese and garlic dip 119,-


Don´t forget to get your free small Gambrinus or coke!